Our VPS Reseller Cloud Platform

The Hosting Heroes's VPS Reseller service allow you to build high quality cloud servers that are much more powerful than traditional VPS offered by most hosting providers. The Hosting Heroes’s cloud VPS reseller is designed to give your business a powerful and fast server that is built on the latest Dell server range powered by OnAPP cloud software designed for Enterprise. Each cloud server includes fail over hardware and data replication over multiple storage servers.

If your business is looking for enterprise quality VPS Reseller then look no further.

The Hosting Heroes Cloud Server Typical VPS provider
Storage SAN - Network Storage Local Storage
Data Replication
Fail-Over Storage
Fail-Over Hypervisiors

All cloud VPS servers now run on the latest Dell Poweredge servers with 1TB of RAM and a pair of 24 Core Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 Processors, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring there a plenty of resources for all VPS servers.

Cloud Server VPS Reseller

Only pay for resources when you use them, billed per hour and charged 1st of each month.

VPS Reseller Benefits and Requirements:

  • Faster than AWS and Azure
  • WHMCS Module included
  • Windows or Linux Server Templates
  • All VMs use Enterprise SSDs
  • You only pay for what you use
£2.49 /mo
+one time initial top up
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Calculate Your VPS Setup
The Hosting Heroes | VPS

We give give you the option to mix and match the hardware resources you need. This is a guideline only, each VM has per hour pricing so some months may vary depending on how many days are in the month.

Hardware Resource
The Hosting Heroes | CPU CORES
Premium CPU Cores
/ mo
The Hosting Heroes | Dedicated Memory (RAM)
Dedicated Memory (RAM)
/ mo
The Hosting Heroes | SSD Storage
SSD Storage
/ mo
Operation System
The Hosting Heroes | CENTOS


The Hosting Heroes | DEBIAN


The Hosting Heroes | MS WINDOWS


Choose version
  • Server 2019
  • Server 2016
£5.00 / mo
The Hosting Heroes | FEDORA


The Hosting Heroes | GENTOO


The Hosting Heroes | UBUNTU


Other Resources
The Hosting Heroes | IPV4 Addresses
IPv4 Addresses
/ mo
The Hosting Heroes | Backup Storage
Backup Storage
/ mo

Total Calculated Price


WHMCS Integration

Use WHMCS to provision and manage your cloud! your customers can login and control their VPS as well as being able to upgrade their servers to bigger VPS packages.

  • Build, Upgrade, Terminate and suspend VPS servers from WHMCS
  • Customers can perform actions such as recover server backup, access hardware firewall rules and startup, shutdown or reboot their VPS
  • Plugin is easy to install, simply upload to your WHMCS and you can begin setting up your plans in minutes
The Hosting Heroes - WHMCS Integratoion

Create Your Own Plans

When using our WHMCS module you can create your own VPS plans to see on your website!

  • Linux Hosting and Windows Servers
  • Add-ons such as Cpanel, Plesk and Cloudlinux are automatically installed and configured for your client when selected on the order form
  • You set your own pricing, so there are no limits to your profit!
The Hosting Heroes | VPS
The Hosting Heroes | UK Data Center

UK Data Centre

We own all of our own servers which are located in a UK-based data centre a few miles away from our headquarters. We have full hands-on access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so any maintenance or errors that pop up can be fixed quickly.

  • Network Level DDoS Protection
  • 10GB SFP+ Storage Network
  • 1GB Uplink with each cloud virtual server

Free SSL Certificate

You will get free SSL Cerfiticate for all of your domains so you don't have to worry about basic security. SSL certificates are powered by Let's Encrypt.Learn more on Free SSL vs Paid SSL
The Hosting Heroes | Free SSL Certificate
The Hosting Heroes | While Label

White Label

When using the WHMCS module, your clients will only ever use your client area to manage, reboot and upgrade their VPS server, giving you a full white label control panel.

Why Buy a VPS Reseller with Us?

The Hosting Heroes believe investing in the future and that is exactly what we have done with our cloud server platform. We only use the best hardware to give you maximum performance as well as quality. All of our servers are new Dell PowerEdge servers, we too use Dell 10Gbit SFP+ networking for ultimate disk performance from our Storage (SAN) to the hypervisor where your virtual machines exists.

Automatic server reboots
The Hosting Heroes | Automatic Server Reboots
  • It’s unlikely, but if one of our hardware nodes goes down, we’ve added an extra safeguard to get you back up and running as soon as possible.
Data on two storage servers
The Hosting Heroes | Data on two storage servers
  • Your cloud server is automatically replicated onto two storage devices. If a data drive becomes corrupt or has to be replaced, your data won’t get lost.
Range of operating systems to choose
The Hosting Heroes | Range of operatin system choose
  • Our cloud platform supports both Linux and Microsoft virtual server hosting. We offer AlmaLinux, Centos, Redhat, Ubuntu, fedora, Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and more. If we don't have an OS template that you require, we can usually add this for you at no extra cost.
Variety of software licenses
The Hosting Heroes | Variety of software licenses
  • We can also help with software licenses including Microsoft SQL Server, Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, CloudLinux OS, Softaculous, Litespeed Web Server, Imunify360 and more.
Full server management
The Hosting Heroes | Full server managment
  • If your server is running the Windows OS, you can access it over remote desktop. If your server is running Linux OS, you can use SSH to remotely access your server.
Constant upgrades and improvements
The Hosting Heroes | Constant upgrades and improvements
  • All of our servers are maintained regularly and we optimise them to perform at the highest speed possible. These upgrades won’t affect your server, only evolve.
The Hosting Heroes - Why Buy a VPS Reseller with Us?

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Our highly skilled technical support agents are available to answer your questions 7 days a week through live chat and support ticket with a typical response time is under 1 hour. Having issues with your website or just need some advice? Contact us today and we'll be happy to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and a Dedicated Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) shares hardware resources with other VPS instances on the same physical server, while a Dedicated Server provides you with dedicated resources and full control over the entire machine. Both are viable hosting solutions, but VPS is generally more cost-effective and offers easier scalability.

How much bandwidth is included in the hosting plan?

Our VPS Reseller Hosting plans offer unlimited bandwidth, ensuring high performance and low latency for your customers’ websites

What is KVM and do I get root access to the server?

KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine) is a type of virtualization technology that provides you with dedicated resources and full root access for greater control over your hosting environment.

Is there an API available for automation tasks?

an API is available for you to automate creation/termination and suspension actions on your client servers

Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are strategically located in the UK close to our headquarters, ensuring optimal uptime and low latency for your hosting accounts.

What is the uptime guarantee for the VPS Reseller Hosting?

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed by our dedicated support team, so your hosting business will always run smoothly.

How scalable are the servers?

Our VPS Reseller Hosting plans are highly scalable. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your servers as you need them to be.  Although disks can not be downsized only increased.

Do you provide control panels such as cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin

We do sell control panel licenses such as cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin, these can be purchased from within our client area.

What type of storage do you use, HDD or NVMe?

We use Enterprise SSDs, which are faster than traditional HDDs, and offer NVMe-level performance with high read and write speeds.

What are dedicated resources and how do they affect latency?

Dedicated resources are things like CPU, RAM, and storage that are allocated to your VPS and not shared with other users. This means especially low latency and high performance for your hosted websites.