Our SSL Certificate Packages

Both small and large businesses need to put security at the top of their list of priorities. Our SSL certificate packages can quickly secure your website properly, allowing you to run your online business safely and giving your customers that extra assurance they need to see you as a trusted seller.

Rapid SSL
Rapid SSL

Need to secure your website quickly? Our Rapid SSL Package activates instantly, giving your website a strong encryption and safeguarding the data of your website’s users in seconds. Fast. Easy. Simple.

  • Secure browsing via https
  • 128/256bit encryption
  • 28/256bit encryption
  • Instant activation
Wildcard Rapid SSL
Wildcard Rapid SSL

Our Wildcard Rapid SSL Package allows you to quickly secure and encrypt your website and its sub-domains as needed in just a few minutes. This package is perfect for those with multiple websites who need to quickly safeguard their customers online.

  • Secure browsing via https
  • 128/256bit encryption
  • Practically instant activation
  • Browser padlock
  • Unlimited subdomains
Premium SSL

Our Premium SSL Certificate is trusted by practically all current internet browsers and devices, providing your site with an outstanding security package to safeguard your customers’ purchases online. This added security can be activated in just 24 hours, too.

  • Secure browsing via https
  • 128/256bit encryption
  • 24-hour activation
  • Browser padlock
  • Company validation check
Extended SSL

Our Extended SSL Certificate is the ultimate security package for your website. Your customers will get a visual confirmation of the extra security measures you’ve put in place, thanks to the included GeoTrust green address bar. This extra security package can take a little longer to activate, as you’ll need to undergo a detailed company validation check. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through it.

  • GeoTrust True Business ID with EV
  • 256bit encryption
  • Secure browsing via https
  • Green Envy SSL bar
  • Detailed company validation check

Why a Paid SSL is Better than a Free SSL Certificate

Internet security is very crucial since the platform is generally prone to unauthorized access, identity theft, and interference of sensitive information. This is calls for appropriate security measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are digital certificates that prove there’s a secure and encrypted connection between the web server and a visitor’s web browser. If you’ve ever visited a business website that’s not secure, you’ve probably seen the browser warnings that pop up, informing you of the risk of using it.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

SSL certificates are essential for website security, and prove that yours is a secure site.
They’re a security solution that really boosts the level of trust your visitors have in your site. This is especially true for ecommerce websites that handle sensitive data like credit card information. They also improve your site’s SEO ranking on search engines.

What is the difference between SSL and TLS?

SSL and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are both cryptographic protocols for securing connections, but TLS is the newer version. Our SSL/TLS certificates offer industry-standard encryption algorithms, and both options offer a high level of web security.

What is domain validation?

A Domain Validated cert (or DV SSL certificate) is one of the different types of SSL certificates. Domain validation is the process of verifying the ownership of the domain name for which the SSL certificate is issued. In this case, it’s one of the more basic ways of doing so – this standard SSL cert verifies that the domain name is definitely where the traffic is coming from. But it doesn’t prove any kind of company ownership verification. It’s also only valid for a single domain name.

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard SSL certificate secures your main domain and an unlimited number of its subdomains, and our Wildcard Rapid SSL package offers this feature. It’s a great multi-domain SSL package, perfect for owners that have multiple websites they want to secure.

What is an Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate?

This one involves a more thorough validation process from the SSL provider. An OV SSL certificate involves verifying the legitimacy of the business, including its legal existence and operational status, certified by extensive databases and even governmental records.

What is Extended Validation (EV)?

Extended Validation (EV) is the highest level of SSL certificate issuance we offer. Our Extended SSL package involves a detailed vetting process and provides a Geotrust green address bar as a visual indicator of enhanced authentication. EV SSL certificates are perfect for businesses that take security very seriously.

How do I install an SSL Certificate on my web server?

The installation process varies depending on your web hosting provider and web server software. If you’re a customer of The Hosting Heroes, we’ve made a quick and easy guide to installing your SSL certificate.

What is a site seal?

A site seal is a visual indicator – usually a padlock icon – that appears in a web browser to show that the site is secure. It shows the site has an authentic SSL certificate and the connection is encrypted, so interacting with it should be safe. It doesn’t necessarily mean the site is free from malware, and it doesn’t verify that it’s a trustworthy business, but it does mean the connection is secure at least.

Is SSL compatible with all web browsers?

Our SSL certificates are compatible with practically all current web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

How much does an SSL Certificate cost?

We offer various SSL packages ranging from £29.99/year to £179.99/year, depending on the level of security and features you need.

Why are paid SSL certificates better than free ones?

Paid SSL certificates offer a higher level of validation, including extended and organizational validation options, and come with a warranty that protect you in the case of failures or breaches. They also provide a good level customer support, unlike free SSL certificates that aren’t issued by reputable certificate authorities. Free SSL certificates are typically issued by automated systems, which don’t undergo the same level of vetting, and they have an ambiguous level of trust.

There are plenty of providers out there, like PositiveSSL, Sectigo and Comodo SSL, all offering similar levels of service. But if you want an easy integration with your website hosting or WordPress hosting provider, getting your SSL certificate from The Hosting Heroes is the way to go.

How does SSL protect against hackers?

SSL encryption makes it extremely difficult for hackers to intercept or tamper with the data being transferred between the web server and browser. Using cryptographic techniques and the exchange of private keys to ensure the identity of devices, it makes the data transmission effectively unbreakable for someone without the right credentials.

Even the more basic domain validation SSL certificate will show you provide a secure connection for customers.

What is PCI compliance in relation to SSL?

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance requires ecommerce websites to have an SSL certificate to securely handle credit card transactions. This is essential to maintain the privacy of card details as they’re being transmitted during payment.

What is a UCC certificate?

A Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is an older type of SSL certificate that secures multiple domain names (like an SSL wildcard) and multiple host names within a domain. It’s typically used for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications environments, and it’s not something we offer as part of our packages.