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Are you a .net core developer?  Are you like thousands of others who are sick and tired of slow .net core Microsoft Azure hosting? 

Here at The Hosting Heroes we have helped hundreds of developers re-deploy their application on our blazing fast Windows Server hosting platform with support for both ASP.net 4.8 + .net core version 2 & 3.

At the time of writing this article the latest .net core build is 3.1 which we fully support and will support all future versions of .net core and the forth coming asp.net 5.

Our windows hosting comes with everything you need and more in a single package including premium email hosting powered by Smartermail Enterprise Edition, the license fee is included within our monthly fees for our cloud hosting, we also throw in Cyren Anti-Spam protection which protects you from 99% of spam emails.

Once you sign-up for our windows hosting you will gain access to Plesk Control panel within 1-2 minutes where you can configure your account to use ASP.net (default) or disable asp.net which will enable .net Core!  Plesk control panel also allows you to easily create and manage MariaDB databases and MS SQL databases with just a few clicks.

All domains hosted on our platform also benifit from free SSL Certificates powered by LetsEncrypt, setting up a SSL Certificate is quick and easy and its as simple as set and forget, our system will automatically renew the certificate and automatically enforce HTTP to HTTPS redirection inside of IIS for you without you needing to write any rewrite rules inside of your web.config file! We also support HSTS too!

Ready to get started?

Visit our Windows Hosting page and view our range of service plans and order the one best suited for your needs, you can upgrade/downgrade anytime which takes just seconds to process the package change.

If you have any questions you can contact us anytime using our 24 hour live chat or contact form and one of our team will get back to you within just a few hours.

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