Duplicate domain name renewal invoices

We have identified an issue affecting customers moving from EZPZ Hosting to The Hosting Heroes that caused duplicate invoices to be generated for domain names due for renewal in April, a small handful of users migrated from Reyaltec will have this issue too. The Hosting Heroes domain name renewals are due 21 days before the domain expires, this ...

Introducing The Hosting Heroes - Our New Website Name

On Saturday 27th March 2021 we will be rebranding to TheHostingHeroes.com as announced on our recent Newsletter

Our client area known as Portal on cyberhostpro.com will go down at 6pm and will be moved to our new client area known as MyHero.

Once this move has taken place we will email you.


PHP Release Cycle

Last Updated: 25th February 2021  We have updated our PHP Lifecycle and EOL/Removal dates for PHP. PHP 7.4 is now available on our Linux cPanel Hosting and we have also provided information below on our PHP EOL. Linux Website Hosting: PHP Version Number End Of Life Date (no longer developed) Removal Date From cPanel PHP 5.4 3 ...