As our legacy DNS-only hosting service is set to discontinue on April 1st, 2024, users currently utilizing this service are required to transition to a new DNS provider. For those who have received a notification from us regarding migration, please proceed as advised.

We recommend selecting CloudFlare for your DNS needs. CloudFlare provides complimentary DNS hosting services, alongside enhancing your domain’s security with the activation of numerous mod_security firewall rules. Additionally, CloudFlare's caching tools are designed to improve your website's loading times at no extra cost. 


This guide is for users who have already created a CloudFlare account and are logged in.
If you do not have a CloudFlare account click here to set one up Its FREE

Migration Steps:


. Export DNS Backup from Legacy System:

  • Log in to your MyHero account, navigate to Domains > Manage DNS, and click on the pencil/edit icon next to your domain name.

  • Click the three dots (more options) next to the +Add Record button, and select Export DNS Zone To TXT file in BIND format. This action will download a backup file instantly.

  1. Setting Up Your Domain on CloudFlare:

    • Log into your CloudFlare account and select Add a Site. Enter your domain name (e.g., without the prefix (http/https://) or www, and ensure no slashes are added at the end.

    • You'll be presented with a selection of plans. Scroll down to find the Free plan, select it, and click Continue.
    • CloudFlare will attempt to automatically import your DNS records.
    • To ensure no records are missed, click on Import DNS records, choose the backup file you previously downloaded, and import it. Disregard any error messages regarding duplicate records, as they indicate automatic imports.

    • After importing, you'll notice all DNS records displayed, including two NS records pointing to our servers (e.g., Delete these NS records.

    • Proceed by clicking the Continue button.
  2. Updating Your Name Servers to CloudFlare:

    • You will be directed to a page instructing you to update your domain's name servers to those provided by CloudFlare.

    • Access your domain registrar's control panel and replace the existing name servers with the new ones provided by CloudFlare. If your domain is registered with us, follow this guide for changing name servers.
    • After updating the name servers, wait approximately 10 minutes before verifying the changes on CloudFlare by selecting check name servers now. CloudFlare will also perform automatic checks and notify you via email once the update is confirmed.

Following this guide ensures a seamless migration without any downtime or disruption to your email services.

If you are managing multiple domains through our DNS-only service, you'll need to apply these steps individually to each domain that you utilize the DNS only service with us. 

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