Introduction: Creating a dedicated SMTP user in cPanel is essential for enhancing email security and reliability. This guide will demonstrate how to create an SMTP user which you can use to configure your applications to send email securely.


  1. Log Into cPanel:

    • Access your cPanel dashboard by visiting and entering your login credentials. (Replace with your actual domain name)
  2. Create a New Email Account:

    • Navigate to 'Email Accounts' under the 'Email' section.
    • Click on 'Create' or 'Add Email Account'.
  3. Configure the Email Account:

    • For the 'Username', enter smtp_auth_user.
    • Use the 'Domain' dropdown to select the domain you want to associate with this SMTP user (e.g.,
    • Click the option to generate a random password and make a note of it for later use.
    • We recommend setting the storage limit to 10MB as you shouldn't ever need to use this space.
  4. Save the Email Account:

    • Click 'Create' or 'Save' to finalize the creation of the new email account.
    • Note down the full email address ([email protected]) and the random generated password.

Conclusion: You've now created an SMTP user in cPanel. You can proceed to configure your applications with these credentials by following the guides at Configuring your apps to use SMTP authentication.

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